Case Studies

Client: Top 50 Insurance Firm

Need: Build a leadership pipeline

Products: People Skills, People Styles, Certification

Outcomes: Trained 300 emerging leaders in skills that build employee performance and commitment

After conducting an internal leadership competency review, a leading mid-market insurer realized that its haphazard approach to leadership development was creating inconsistent performance across its lines of business and levels of management. That same survey showed that poor corporate-wide leadership was hurting employee commitment and engagement.

Ridge partnered with their performance improvement team to create a nine-month curriculum based on our People Skills and People Styles training and certified that team to deliver the training. Leaders that were accepted into the program received 360-degree feedback on their existing skills, they were introduced to new content every 6-8 weeks and received coaching in between. At the end of the program they were assessed on their skills again.

The statistics below show the growth for the 300 leaders that participated:

Ability to listen
Ability to work effectively with people of different styles
Ability to build high-commitment agreements
Ability to deliver effective feedback
Ability to skillfully lead difficult conversations

Client: Leading Member Service Organization

Need: Increase product sales and customer service quality

Products: People Skills

Outcomes: Sustained growth in referrals and member satisfaction and reduced call times

A leading membership service organization wanted to increase the number of products purchased per member and improve the quality of customer service members received. Drawing from our People Skills modules, Ridge created a “Service to Sales” workshop for service professionals that was delivered to both branch and call center staff. The goals were for service reps to increase the number of product referrals while simultaneously increasing service quality ratings by members. The organization sampled scores before the training and compared them to scores taken 60 days after the training to make sure that the training and results actually stuck.

The results:

Referral increase
Service quality increase

In addition, they discovered that “average handle time” (the average time it takes to handle a member’s issue – a key call-center metric) decreased by 19 seconds per call. Not only did they boost referrals and service quality, they were able to do so in less time.

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