“Ridge’s process is very demanding. Their focus on trainer excellence, beyond just the content we’re learning to deliver, makes it more rigorous than any program I’ve ever seen. The results — for me and for learners — have been amazing. If you truly want to invest in your employees, invest in Ridge’s certification process. It’s the foundation of a great learning culture.”

-Training Manager, Insurance industry


Our certification process is as follows:

  1. Your trainers attend, as full participants, the course that they will be training. This allows them to learn the skills of the course that they are expected to model while leading it. They experience the workshop from a participant’s frame of reference, a critical awareness for leading the workshop.
  2. Between two and four weeks later, trainers are coached on the pieces they’ve prepared in the interim. They work only with our best, master trainers that have 10,000+ hours of classroom time teaching people skills and training client trainers to do the same.
  3. The final stage of the process is on-the-job: delivering the workshop itself. Many clients opt to have their trainers co-lead a workshop with the Ridge trainer that certified them to offer real-time feedback and assure success the first time out. Others prefer to have Ridge review evaluations and debrief the first three workshops over the phone. Our involvement varies based on the skills and success of each trainer we work with.

To learn more, contact Ridge today.

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