People Skills - Leadership Training Course

People Skills

No matter how good you are at your job, your success is magnified by the quality of your interactions and relationships. People Skills teaches leaders the “critical few” skills to reliably improve their relationships and results.

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People Styles - Leadership Training Courses

People Styles

Research has shown that three-quarters of the people you work with have a different working “style” than you do—their pacing is different, their attention to detail is different, what motivates them differs, and how they react under pressure is different. People Styles gives each participant insight into his or her working style, along with skills to dramatically improve relationships with people of other styles.

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Craft of Training - Leadership Training Courses

The Craft of Training

The quality of organizational learning is a competitive advantage, yet few organizations train their trainers to deliver high-quality experiences that result in performance change. The Craft of Training is the ultimate train-the-trainer “boot camp,” helping trainers maximize participants’ learning, each and every time.

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