Get Certified

“If you truly want to invest in your employees, invest in Ridge’s certification process. It’s the foundation of a great learning culture.”

– L&D Leader, Regional Bank

Certifying your trainers to deliver Ridge’s workshops is the most cost-effective and high-impact way to embed and reinforce the skills we teach within your organization. Unlike trainings that are video- or activity-driven, Ridge workshops are trainer-intensive. From the moment the first participant arrives, trainers are “always on,” modeling the skills they’re teaching consistently and naturally.

For that reason, our certification process will enable your trainers to:

clearly explain course concepts
facilitate discussions in ways that reduce resistance and boost learnings
model the skills in “live” demonstrations
coach participants on strengths and development areas during practice sessions
respond to typical participant questions, concerns, and objections about the skills.

Our certification process doesn’t just teach your trainers Ridge content.
Graduates will tell you it makes them better trainers:

“Ridge’s certification process is one of the best I have attended in 15 years. On top of all the tips you provided for the content we really appreciated the fact you added value with coaching on delivery during the practice sessions.”

“Ridge’s train-the-trainer is the missing link. Anyone can deliver content. Your process taught me how to transfer learning.”

“Powerful experience. The Ridge folks are nothing less than top notch. Best training certification I have been a part of in 10 years. Thanks for giving me your best.”

“Light years ahead of other train-the-trainers… I’ve built Ridge’s standards for delivery into the other courses I teach.”


Certification at a glance:

1.  Attend the course as a participant to learn the skills of the course and to experience the workshop from a learner’s frame of reference. Both make you a better trainer.

2.  Get coached on assigned pieces and the skills of the course by our master trainers.

3.  Deliver the training to an internal audience 3 times and debrief with your master trainer.

Next steps

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our certification process.