People Skills

“After 20 years in the professional work arena, I was amazed to learn how hard it is to effectively listen in a way that really matters to people. I thought I had good people skills — but I learned great humility through this course and I now work hard to improve every day based on what I learned.

These skills have the greatest impact on our ability to ‘engage’ our staff. Thank you.”

– VP of Human Resources, Health Care industry

To perform at peak levels, you can’t afford poor communication. Each interaction counts. Based on years of research and training experience, we’ve streamlined the essential communication skills into a set of conversations that apply to any area of performance that involves other people. People Skills lays the foundation for trust and accountability, and gives relationships the strength needed to create and maintain top performance.

People Skills will train your key players in the following skill sets:

Listening—to understand the true nature of complex problems and establish high-trust relationships
Gaining Agreements—to build commitment and accountability in others
Delivering Feedback—to elevate specific areas of others’ performance or enhance overall development
Practicing Candor—to raise difficult issues confidently and professionally, manage the strong emotions others may experience, and create high-commitment outcomes

Participant Comments

“I wish I’d learned these skills earlier in my career!”

“Not enough words to describe the relevancy of these skills to all the situations we face in life, both at work and at home.”

“A great course that needs to be extended universally throughout our management.”

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What Makes People Skills Different

Skills Over Strategies

Having a plan for important conversations is important. People Skills goes farther, teaching leaders the in-the-moment skills that keep those conversations two-way and win-win.

Practice Over Presentations

There’s knowing and there’s doing. A typical hour of Ridge training includes: 10 minutes of presentation, 20 minutes of demonstrating course skills—and 30 minutes of participant practice with feedback.

“Real Plays” Over Role Plays

Instead of scripted scenarios, participants practice using their actual work issues (“real plays”) in class so they’re ready to use their skills successfully the very next day.

We Wrote The Books On People Skills And Listening

With more than one million copies in print, People Skills continues to be used as a text in executive education and corporate training programs. Our newest book, Listen Up or Lose Out, updates and unpacks how to master the most important communication skill of all.

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