People Styles

“One of the best ways to understand your own communication style and that of your coworkers, boss, clients. I use what I learned weekly if not daily in improving my ability to communicate with people of different styles.”

– Project manager, Enterprise Software Firm

What motivates people? How can you influence them? How can you tap into people’s strengths and potential, and minimize the impact of their weaknesses? Once you know what to look for, the answers to these questions are less mysterious than you might think.

Research has shown that by looking at two dimensions of human behavior, you can learn a lot about what makes people tick. And once you know how to read the people you work with, it becomes clear how to work with them more effectively.

Ridge’s People Styles course will help participants increase:

their ability to observe and “read” other people’s behavior
their awareness of their own style and what they do to heighten or reduce interpersonal stress in others
their ability to “flex” their behavior to be more effective in difficult interactions without sacrificing their integrity
their appreciation of styles different from their own

In addition, each participant receives a People Styles profile based on multi-rater behavioral feedback so they know how to improve critical work relationships the very next day.

Participant Comments

“…upbeat, entertaining and USEFUL!”

“…highly beneficial. I have an awareness of my personal style and I have the knowledge to recognize other styles. I gained useful tools to deal with different styles.”

“…thanks for teaching me more about my style and helping me by flexible with others that have different styles than me.”

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What Makes People Styles Different

Behavior-Based Feedback On Your Style

Most style- or type-based models include self-assessments that focus on our internal preferences or other ways in which we see the world. People Styles includes a profile of your behavioral tendencies (based on survey results of five colleagues) which are often invisible to you and can block your effectiveness.

Our Focus Is On Understanding Others

Developing greater self-awareness and overcoming “behavioral blindness” is a major outcome of this course but we don’t stop there. Our Styles workshops are devoted to using that same model to better understand others and improving those relationships.

We Wrote The Best-Selling Book On Styles

With more than 200,000 copies in print, People Styles at Work – and Beyond has been translated into eight languages and was distributed by the American Management Association to more than 80,000 people as a service to its members.

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