The Craft of Training

“I came to this workshop wanting to learn a few tricks of the trade. What I got was so much more. It was a chance to look at myself. I realized that the first person I need to ‘train’ is me. Going forward, I’ll not only be a better trainer by applying the skills and techniques we learned to my training. I’ll be a better trainer by using the skills to become a better person.”

– Senior Trainer, Banking industry

The Craft of Training is the ultimate train-the-trainer course. It’s the result of our own experience creating world-class facilitators for the past 40 years. It offers new trainers a fast, powerful ascent up the learning curve of training. And it offers seasoned trainers the chance to “sharpen their saw” and upgrade aspects of their game.

Participants practice and get feedback in three performance-critical areas:

Platform Skills – to teach key principles clearly and quickly
Facilitation Skills – to capture participants’ attention and keep involvement and engagement high
Process Skills – for turning resistance into learning

Once you’ve taken The Craft, you’ll have the skills to make every workshop a high-value experience—for your participants and for yourself.

Participant Comments

“An excellent job of modeling the behaviors and setting the standards. Thanks for your coaching.”

“This course will save me tremendous amounts of time in preparing for trainings.”

“I thought I was an effective trainer that had minimal need for improvement. The material and the example the trainers set shifted that paradigm. They were the best trainers I have seen.”

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What Makes The Craft Of Training Different

Our Focus Is On Learning Dynamics, Not Content

Every training is different because each group of participants and their learning needs are unique. The Craft of Training teaches trainers how to recognize and manage learning dynamics, minimize individual and group resistance, and assure the best outcomes possible—each and every time.

Personalized Feedback On 73 Behavioral Standards

Each time they practice, your trainers receive targeted feedback based on 73 behavioral standards that make training great. We video record each practice so that trainers can immediately observe the impact of those behaviors and integrate their learnings for future success.

Work With Training Masters

The trainers that teach The Craft have decades of experience leading our workshops, certifying trainers, refining their own skills, and powerfully coaching other trainers how to level up their impact.

We Wrote The Book On Great Training

What Great Trainers Do “offers a comprehensive look at everything a trainer needs to know to deliver memorable, behavior-changing training that drives bottom-line results.” (TD Magazine)

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