How We’re Different

Five Ways Ridge Is Different

1. People Skills Is All We Do

Engagement, inclusion, development, performance, growth, leadership, learning, change and more… Superior communication is essential to progress in all of these areas. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to teaching leaders and trainers the people skills they need to professionalize their interactions and get better outcomes—individually and organizationally.

2. We Begin With The End In Mind

Training firms generally design their training around the presentations their trainers make. We start at the end and work backwards: What does success on-the-job look like in behavioral terms? What needs to happen in the workshop to build those skills? We never lose sight of the outcome—performance change that elevates success.

3. You Get Customized Training At No Extra Cost

Customization makes an off-the-shelf course specific and relevant to the needs of each unique audience. Using “mass customization” techniques, our training modules, briefing dossiers, and “customization catalogs” allow us to easily create a training solution tailor-fit to your business and learning goals.

4. Every Participant Gets Personalized Coaching From Master Trainers

We’ve identified coachable standards—the actual behaviors associated with performance improvement—for each of our courses. Our trainers use these standards to coach participants so they know exactly how to build their skills in class and use them confidently on-the-job. And when your trainers are certified, they’ll learn the skills to do so too.

5. We Back Up Our Training With A Money-Back Guarantee

We proactively refund per-participant fees for any final evaluation scores of 3 or below on our 5-point scale. And if you’re unsatisfied with the outcomes of the session, we will refund 100% of the participant fees.

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