The ultimate goal of training – and leadership for that matter – is to develop employees’ performance. The better people perform, the better the organization performs.

When thoughtfully deployed, training is a great lever for improving performance. The problem is that it is rarely thoughtfully deployed. There are many places training can go wrong – the content may not meet learners’ performance needs, the delivery method (online, classroom, etc.) might be a mismatch for the desired outcomes, there may not be any performance strategy in place to reinforce the learning… These and other problems compromise any performance gains training could offer.

Perhaps the biggest problem, however, is that organizations often target the wrong performance standards to begin with. That’s the first thing we need to get right and that’s what this week’s video is about. It’s just over 5 minutes long. Whether you’re a leader or a trainer, I hope it helps you think differently about how to pick the right performance standards to develop.

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