For 45 years, we’ve taught leaders the interpersonal skills they need to perform better with others.

Training That Strengthens Your Leadership Communication

  • Do your managers hold back from having hard conversations?
  • Do they speak in ways that shut others down or create further problems?
  • Are they able to gain commitment so people consistently perform at their best?
  • Do they foster candor and engagement on their teams?

Ways Clients Use Ridge Training

Over the years, we’ve worked with leading and growing firms in the following areas. The average length of our client partnerships is 12 years.

Regional Retail Bank — train managers to coach customer service representatives to improve customer loyalty

High-Growth Technology Start-Up — standardize supervision across multiple sites to manage performance and growth

School District – improve effectiveness of staff and teams; make challenging conversations with parents (IEPs) less volatile

Fortune 50 Technology Firm — corporate university offering

Leading Software Developer — Improve collaboration across teams; improve accountability in matrixed organization

Global Consulting Firm – strengthen relationship skills to accelerate “trusted advisor” status with clients

Leading Research Hospital — build a skills-based culture modeling openness and inclusion

Global Chemical Company – train leadership teams to
improve their effectiveness and raise productivity at plants across the U.S.


What’s Different About Our Approach To High Performance Communication?

We asked our clients this question. Here’s what they said:

“A knock-your-socks-off learning experience.”

“The models are simple and effective. It’s all about practicing the skills. An outstanding course from the beginning to the end.”

“They have a relentless focus on the audience then adapt the material on the spot.”

“People walk out with skills they can apply immediately.”

“The training helped us change behavior.”

Benefits For Leaders

Productive outcomes from conversations
Fewer difficult conversations
Better accountability and follow through
Richer relationships with and among team
Less friction in the people part of the job

Benefits For Employees

Feel respected and valued
More engaged
Learn from successes and mistakes to improve in the future
Guided to perform at higher levels

Benefits For Organizations

Clear, simple standards for high-performance communication
Align leadership behavior with culture and norms
Easy to deploy and reinforce

How We Partner With You

Initial conversation about your needs & requirements

Personalized screencast that highlights the outcomes, overall design, and examples of how we’ve met similar needs

Pilot the training and get real-world participant feedback about how to tailor-fit the training to your audience

Certify your trainers to deliver the workshop (or co-lead with master Ridge trainers)

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