Thirty years and over a million copies after publication, People Skills remains a definitive text on communication skills used in postgraduate courses and in corporate learning environments. The Academy of Management Review called the book “…simply brilliant. The best book for teaching interpersonal communications in…managerial development programs.”

Originally published as Social Style/Management Style, this book has been translated into eight languages and was distributed by the American Management Association to more than 80,000 people as a service to its members.

Based on Ridge’s Craft of Training workshop, What Great Trainers Do is a one-stop resource to for anyone involved with the challenging task of corporate training. According to TD (Talent Development) Magazine, What Great Trainers Do “offers a comprehensive look at everything a trainer needs to know to deliver memorable, behavior-changing training that drives bottom-line results.”

This book distills 40 years of experience teaching leaders how to listen into a focused, step-by-step process. Wrote Success Magazine, “Under the best of circumstances, most people retain only a fraction of what they hear. The solution is active listening. It’s not a new skill, but the Boltons dust it off nicely and show how to master it.”