Candor quick start guide

The Candor Quick-Start Guide

Candor is a hallmark of high-performing teams, yet people struggle to practice candor when it counts the most. This quick-start guide offers strategies to help individuals get better in three critical areas: speaking up, speaking skillfully, and listening so as to invite candor from others.

Getting out of your own way guide

Getting Out of Your Own Way – A Guide for Leaders

Our executive development work helps high-level managers communicate more professionally so they build the relationships that can deliver sustained results. The first step is often helping them “get out of their own way.” This guide summarizes several key strategies we use to help them do that.

Turn Around Performance Guide

How To Turn Around Problem Performance In 5 Questions Or Less

Originally published as a ChangeThis manifesto, this guide helps busy managers diagnose and address the causes of underperformance in their people. Yup, in five questions or less.

Agreement Prep Worksheet

Agreements Prep Worksheet

Agreements form the basis of a productive working relationship. When agreements are clearly in place, people know exactly how to work successfully with each other and are committed to doing so. But one of the biggest challenges with agreements is that they aren’t actually made. This worksheet can help you turn your expectations of others into agreements by thinking through exactly what you want to happen, why it’s important, how to address predictable problems in advance, and how you’ll follow up.

The People Styles Planner

The People Styles Planner

A companion to People Styles At Work—and Beyond, this Planner helps readers apply the flexing strategies reviewed in the book to the specific relationships important to their success.

Appreciation Alert downloads

Appreciation Alerts

If there’s one thing most people agree on, it’s that they don’t get enough appreciation at work. Even when people want to acknowledge others’ efforts and actions, they struggle with how to best to do it. We created Appreciation Alerts as a fun way to make that process as easy as taking a phone message. Try it – you’ll feel the good vibes too.