Coaching Lessons


The Personal, Evidence-Based Case for Appreciating Others

Most of us aren’t great at appreciating others. Were better at seeing what’s wrong than what someone is doing well. That’s not a surprise; throughout our lives our teachers, coaches, bosses – even our loved ones! – are far more likely to point out our mistakes than our successes. Its natural for us to do the same. In informal polls

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Book Summary: Trillion Dollar Coach

I recently read a book about the coaching methods of Silicon Valley’s legendary “Trillion Dollar Coach,” Bill Campbell. Campbell was the behind-the-scenes coach and confidante for the likes of Steve Jobs and many other tech executives, especially those at Google. There he coached the founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page; long-time CEO and Board Chair Eric Schmidt (who is the

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Coaching Lessons From Boxing’s Greatest “Corner Men”

There’s more to great coaching than meets the eye. We see premier sports coaches yelling, pacing the sidelines, or looking silently but intently at a game. We see them sitting with their skating or gymnastic protégé awaiting the scoring at the Olympics. What we don’t see is the behind-the-scenes work, the actual coaching, that has led up to the moments

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